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Snowland Journeys



Snowland Journeys is a social enterprise supporting Himalayan children on their journey into adulthood and remote communities on their development journey. 

What We Do

We reconnect Himalayan children with their families, support and mentor young people through education and provide development opportunities for the mountain communities of western Nepal.    


We offer responsible travellers the unique chance to trek to the most remote and beautiful parts of the Himalayas on expeditions with teenagers who are returning home to their parents after twelve years at school in the city.  


These family reunions are made possible by the sharing of the journey.  Our expeditions take you to an ancient, off-grid land and provide life-changing experiences for Himalayan children.

The children, journeys and communities we support are featured in the award-winning documentary film, Children of the Snow Land.

How We Help

Snowland Journeys helps children born in the High Himalayas of Nepal and their families.

Children are often sent away by their parents when they are just 4 years old, to school in the capital city of Kathmandu, in the hope that education will give them a better chance in life.

For 12 years they live and study at school, receiving a free education, but cannot see or speak to their parents, due to the remoteness of their villages.


Upon completion of exams, aged 16, the children have time to make the long journey home to reconnect

with their parents.

By going home and seeing life in the villages, the children gain an understanding of why they were sent

away, the sacrifice their parents had to make, and realise they are deeply loved.

We prepare students emotionally and physically for the journey home. We organise field trips to connect

children to nature and conservation and we work with them on personal and social development using

experiential learning and wilderness therapy.

We enable the journeys home by offering small groups of people the opportunity to trek home with the

graduates to the High Himalayas of West Nepal - a faraway, off-grid land where the way of life has not

changed for thousands of years.

The family reunions are made possible by the sharing of the journey with trekkers. The moment of reunion is handled sensitively to protect the children.

During the going home journeys, we film messages from villagers which we play to their children still at

Snowland School, helping to maintain a sense of family connection for the children.

Our expeditions ensure fair treatment for the local teams, porters and animals that support us and operate an ethical Leave No Trace policy, making sure we give something back to the regions we visit.

Upon their return to the city as young adults, we provide support for further education, mentoring schemes, workplace training and experience as trekking guides, medics, designers and filmmakers.

We support the remote mountain villages which the children come from, enabling the young people to develop ethical and sustainable fashion, arts and crafts skills with their families to empower the village communities of western Nepal and help them to build livelihoods.

We offer mentoring to help them sell their crafts to trekkers and in online boutiques.

West Nepal is one of the least developed places in the world and desperately needs support. It’s home to the country’s most vulnerable people, more than half of them living in poverty. Almost two thirds of children under five are malnourished.

Empowering children through education is the best chance the people have to develop their lives, but until lifestyle, communication and transportation are improved, it won’t be possible to educate children in the villages.

We have a goal to improve communications in the villages so that children can video chat with their parents during their years at school.


In the long term, we would like to help village conditions improve to the point that educating children in the villages is possible.

How You Can Support Us




In Spring 2020, Snowland Journeys will be offering you the exclusive opportunity to become part of the story.


Pre-register here to join a unique and meaningful experience enabling children to be reunited with their parents after twelve years being educated away from home.


Through a partnership with Snowland Journeys, you and your organisation can help us to continue and expand our

work supporting the Himalayan children and families of Nepal.


Snowland Journeys relies entirely on the generosity and commitment of our supporters. It is your support that enables us to help improve the lives of Himalayan children and their families.


Whether you want to organise a team walk, pub quiz, run 10k or swim a river, we will support you all the way! If you’d like to organise a fundraising event for Snowland Journeys, please contact us.