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Family, Education and Community

Unique Experiences Empowering Lives

Snowland Journeys is a non-profit organisation.

We enable Himalayan children to reconnect with their families, and develop livelihoods for mountain communities in Nepal. 

In parallel, we provide mental wellbeing and resilience training for young people in the UK.

Fundraising activities include:

  • Treks to remote areas of Nepal

  • Cultural weekends in the UK

  • Wilderness Training

  • Educational resources

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Meet our team and our patron,

Dame Joanna Lumley

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Snowland Journeys relies entirely on the generosity and commitment of our supporters.

It is your support that enables us to help improve the lives of Himalayan children and their families.  You can claim Gift Aid tax relief on donations.

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Family, Education, Sustainability 

Reintegration of Young People Leads to Empowered, Self-Sustaining Himalayan Communities

Pema is one of the young people we are supporting to reintegrate with her family after 12 years away at school.

There are presently no schools in her mountain region of Nepal and no qualified teachers willing to live in such remote areas, so some children must be educated in the city of Kathmandu and often can't see or speak to their families for up to 12 years during education.

We reintegrate these young people with their families, help improve contact over time and prepare them for their future.  

We also work with Nepal’s remotest villages to develop livelihoods to improve infrastructure, so that in the future children can be educated nearer home.

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Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons

Resources for UK Schools

Snowland Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons help young people to improve their resilience, international mindedness and compassion, as well as improve their mental health. These lessons are accompanied by our documentary film, Children of the Snow Land, which demonstrates the impressive coping strategies of a group of Nepalese teenagers.

The patience, hope, courage and character these young Nepalese people demonstrate is relevant and inspiring for young people worldwide, as is their resilience and determination to make the most of their life, no matter how limited that may be.  

Proven to improve wellbeing and feelings of happiness among teenagers in the UK.

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Reconnecting Families Through Your Advebnture

Snowland Journeys offers you the exclusive opportunity to become part of a unique experience.

Join our regenerative travel expeditions which enable young people to journey home when they graduate school-aged 16-18 years old.  Reuniting with families and loved ones after 12 years of being educated away from home.  


These important family reunions are made possible by you and our dedicated team who will provide you with a true, authentic experience in the Himalayas, following in the footsteps of the children that we and you are supporting.

By joining, as part of a small group expedition team, you will leave the modern world behind, meet inspiring Himalayan people and learn about the ancient culture in which they were born.  

A meaningful experience for Himalayan people and trekkers alike.

“Inspiring and rewarding, would change anyone’s life.”




Have Fun Whilst Helping Others

Join us, become a Snowlander and take part in our range of experiences and adventures in the UK and abroad.

As well as being great fun, the proceeds contribute towards the young people and communities we support.

Join our Snowland team for a reviving weekend in the Cotswolds countryside.  A Taste of Nepal introduces all your senses to Nepalese living and cuisine, whilst the Gurkha Getaway equips you with skills for outdoor adventures whilst learning about Nepalese culture.

Vrekking aka Virtual Trekking lets you explore the Himalayas and improve your fitness from your home.

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Meet Our Community 

The children, journeys and communities we support are featured in our award-winning documentary film, Children of the Snow Land.

Children of the Snow Land is a feature documentary telling the story of children born in the High Himalayas of Nepal who, at just five years old, are given by their parents to a school run by a Buddhist monk in the capital city of Kathmandu, in the hope that they’ll have the chance of a better life through education.

During the 12 years they spend living and studying at the school, the children do not see nor speak to their parents, due to the remoteness of their villages.

Upon graduation, aged 16, the children trek home, an arduous and lengthy journey across mountains that takes them to the highest inhabited place on the planet; a faraway, off-grid land where the way of life has not changed for thousands of years, and where their parents are waiting to see their children for the first time in a decade. Children of the Snow Land documents their moving and humbling stories.

Snowland Journeys ensures that more of these children are able to reintegrate with their families.


Our Patron


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Joanna has graciously agreed to become Patron of Snowland Journeys.  She has a long association and interest in Nepal and its people inspired by her father's service as an officer in 6th Gurkha Rifles.

Joanna says:

I went to boarding school; but I was eight, and I came home for the holidays and therefore was with my family as I turned from being a little child into a teenager.  Imagine not seeing your parents and home for 12 years!  The remote mountain villages in Nepal are notoriously difficult to get to; and yet imagine the black and white choice between home life or being educated miles away.



Support Us

What do the young people experience?

"On the journey I got my mother's love and realised what she sacrificed for me."

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