Snowland Journeys is a non-profit organisation which facilitates reintegration of Himalayan children, helps maintain contact with

their families, alongside their right to education,

and develops livelihoods for mountain communities.

Snowland Journeys also provides educational experiences and mental health support for young people in the UK, as well as regenerative travel expeditions.

Himalayan families face an impossible choice for their children:




Many Himalayan children are sent away by their parents at age 4 - 6 years old for education in the city.  

Without support, they will never see their families again.

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Education & Family

Snowland Journeys:

  • Reintegrate young people with their families,

  • Support and mentor young people in education in both Nepal and the UK,

  • Provide sustainable development opportunities.

"Inspiring and rewarding,

would change anyone's life."

Our treks enable our reintegration programme for young people to reconnect with their parents for the first time in

12 years.

By joining this meaningful travel experience you will helping to financially enable young people, aged 16 - 18 years old, to reintegrate with their families in some of the most remote villages in the world.

You'll be trekking in the footsteps of the stars of

Children of the Snow Land.

Life-changing experiences for Himalayan people and 

trekkers alike.


The children, journeys and communities we support are featured in the award-winning documentary film, Children of the Snow Land.  

Our Projects

Our programme of support to empower Himalayan people is enabled by individual and corporate donations.


Read more about what we do here.


Trekkers and Schools can also help to enable our work

by taking part in the unique experiences we offer.

Snowlad Journeys theory of change

Join an Expedition




Snowland Journeys offers you the exclusive opportunity to become part of a unique experience.

Responsible travellers can join our expeditions which enable young people to journey home when they graduate school aged 16-18 years old.

Join a meaningful experience enabling young people to be reunited with their parents after 12 years being educated away from home.

These important family reunions are made possible by you financially enabling their journey.


What do the young people experience?

"On the journey I got my mother's love and realised what she sacrificed for me."

Children of the Snow Land BBC News Snowland Journeys

How You Can Support Us


Through a partnership with Snowland Journeys, you and your organisation or school can help us to continue and expand our work supporting the Himalayan children and families of Nepal.


Snowland Journeys relies entirely on the generosity and commitment of our supporters. It is your support that enables us to help improve the lives of Himalayan children and their families.  You can claim Gift Aid tax relief on donations.


Whether you want to organise a team walk, pub quiz, run 10k or swim a river, we will support you all the way! If you’d like to organise a fundraising event for Snowland Journeys, please contact us.


By joining us on our expeditions you will be contributing to the reintegration of young people with parents they haven't seen for 12 years. These important family reunions are only made possible by you.





Joanna has graciously agreed to become Patron of Snowland Journeys.  She has a long association and interest in Nepal and its people inspired by her father's service as an officer in 6th Gurkha Rifles.

Joanna says:

"I went to boarding school; but I was eight, and I came home for the holidays and therefore was with my family as I turned from being a little child into a teenager.  Imagine not seeing your parents and home for 12 years!  The remote mountain villages in Nepal are notoriously difficult to get to; and yet imagine the black and white choice between home life or being educated miles away."

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