We take you to the majestic Himalayas of West Nepal on expeditions to Dolpo and Humla - places that tourism and modern life haven’t touched. 


In these forgotten enclaves of the ancient world, live the last of the Bon Po people whose way of life has remained the same for thousands of years.


The natural world here is extraordinarily beautiful, with snow capped mountains rising above blue lakes so luminescent it seems like the sun shines from beneath their surface.


You’ll be trekking with people from around the world, brought together by the shared goal of making a difference for Himalayan children.  These are life-changing expeditions to the most remote villages on the planet.  

Join a Trek

Change a Child's Life

"We learnt the value of each other, it gave me a new outlook on life".

Trekking Routes

Our expeditions vary in degree of difficulty, with choices to suit every level of fitness. 

All of our expeditions are run to international standards by experienced guides.  

We offer expeditions of 2, 3 and 4 weeks duration, to Dolpo and Humla.  


The routes we trek trace the footsteps of the stars in our award winning film.


 Contact us for current itineraries.

When you join a trek you'll be invited to our members area to learn about the young people you'll be financially enabling to reunite with their family.

Family Reunions

The proceeds from our treks are a used as a sustainable mechanism to enable us to facilitate journeys home and family reintegration for young Himalayan people when they graduate school.

Our reintegration programme prepares the young people and families for reconnection, supports them during their reunion and provides follow-up support.


To reach the villages of Dolpo and Humla requires taking two plane flights, being led by an expedition guide and medic and social worker, camping and cooking equipment, buying food, porters and donkeys to carry luggage, equipment and food, and purchasing warm, waterproof clothing and boots.

Without support, the young people would be unlikely to ever return home.

By joining our treks you will be enabling our reintegration programme and helping to reconnect families.


Safe Treks

Snowland Journeys is BS8848 compliant to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Our treks are run to international standard by experienced, qualified guides.


Our expedition teams include an expedition guide and medic, camping and cooking equipment, porters and/or donkeys to carry luggage, equipment and food.

Sleeping and Eating

Our treks are mainly camping treks and we provide you with tents with camping mattresses, which are put up for you by our expedition team.

We have a cook as part of our team who will cook local food during the expedition.

Fair Treatment

We ensure fair treatment policies for the porter teams that support us and we operate an ethical Leave No Trace policy, making sure that we benefit the communities we visit.



We have a programme of support from child to adult, which you can read more about here.

In Nepal's most remote villages it is currently impossible for children to be educated at home, which you can read more about here.


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