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Enabling Reintegration

After 12 years away at school, the Snowland graduates are going home to see their families. 


Snowland Journeys offers small groups the chance to walk in their footsteps.  

"It made me reflect on my life and how we should value things that frequently are not valued."

"Rewarding and beautiful."

Joining our expedition team, you will leave the modern world behind, meet inspiring young people and learn about the ancient culture in which they were born.

Treks with Purpose

Proceeds from our expeditions enable us to facilitate the reintegration of young people with their families.

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On our trekking expeditions

you will be experiencing

the real-life story

of the film


of the

Snow Land




What do the young people experience?

"On the journey I got my mother's love and realised what she sacrificed for me."

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