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Mental Health Support for Young People Everywhere

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Insight and coping tools for teenagers

Documentary film 

2 x 1 hour Lesson Plans

Peer sharing group

Suitable for all teenagers

Proven to improve wellbeing and feelings of happiness

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Our Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons help teenagers to improve their emotional resilience, international mindedness and compassion.


Delivered as 2 x 1 hour sessions that offer inspiring personal and social development. 

They focus on the elements of resilience which in turn support increased wellbeing:

  • Self-confidence

  • Adaptability

  • Purpose

  • Social Connection

90% of teenagers trialling these lessons said:

"It made me feel better about my life."

Lessons are accompanied by

our documentary film


 Children of the Snow Land demonstrates the impressive coping strategies of a group of Nepalese teenagers who have spent their lives from age 4 until age 16 living and studying inside their school grounds - the 'ultimate lockdown' - without contact with their families, and yet they emerge as 16-year-old teenagers with tremendous courage, gratitude, patience, hope and determination to make the most of their lives.  


Each lesson begins with the film and moves on to reflections and discussions around resilience, wellbeing, gratitude and how to face our hardships and move forwards, using insights and knowledge from the film to help students better cope with their challenges and to improve their wellbeing.

“This is a beautiful documentary and every child should watch it.”

"Learn from teenagers who have been through the 'ultimate lockdown'."

“Made me realise never to complain about anything.”

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  • Mental Wellbeing

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    Life Lessons to Improve Resilience and Mental Health
    • Mental Wellbeing Lesson Plan
    • Film - Children of the Snow Land
    • Peer Sharing Community
  • UK Curriculum

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    Access All Our Lesson Plans: Many Subjects & Key Stages
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    • Film - Children of the Snow Land
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    Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons and UK Curriculum Lessons
    • UK Curriculum Lesson Plans
    • Mental Wellbeing Life Lessons
    • Film - Children of the Snow Land
    • School Resources Pack
    • Peer Sharing Community
Mental Wellbeing Price Plan
Teaching English

How are the lessons delivered?

The lessons can be delivered remotely or face to face in the classroom.

They are designed to be delivered easily and simply by the teacher/group leader. 

Everything you need is instantly available online in your private member's area when you sign up.

Your annual subscription allows multiple teaching opportunities for all your school’s students.


Peer sharing


When you sign up, you’ll also have access to our peer sharing group, Snowland Schoolfriends, allowing you to communicate with other schools and even the Snowland community in Nepal. Available in your private members’ area online, this group enables a global conversation, cross-cultural understanding and further learning opportunities.



Why do we want to do this?

The mental health and wellbeing of young people matter to us.


As the Covid – 19 pandemic unfolded we saw that certain challenges faced by these students in Nepal regarding isolation and separation from their loved ones are now relevant globally and that their resilience, courage and character coping strategies could inspire others. In response, we expanded our educational packages to offer mental health support for young people in the UK and worldwide.


Teenagers globally have responded openly to seeing their peers in the film and have demonstrated improved wellbeing following this learning experience.

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