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What are the requirements?

What are the requirements of BS 8848?

This British Standard specifies requirements for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities undertaken for educational, research, training or recreational purposes outside the United Kingdom.

It applies to ventures:

•    where the hazards are such that without consideration by competent people the level of risk would be significant;

•    at any location outside the United Kingdom including remote regions where climatic extremes, challenging terrain, health hazards or unfamiliar cultural experiences can be expected;

•    organised for groups or individuals;

•    that are planned, managed and evaluated from the UK by commercial companies, educational establishments, voluntary or charitable organisations and independent groups or individuals.

How does Snowland Journeys support the requirements?

Snowland Journeys safety policies, procedures and templates cover the following requirements of  BS 8848 standard for overseas trips:-

•    Purpose, planning, permission, finance and integrity of the venture
•    Participants’ Identification, selection and information
•    Venture leader, leadership team and support team
•    In-country representative and Home Agent
•    Supervision and staffing ratios
•    General/Direct & indirect supervision, Personal time and Down time
•    Protection of participants under 18 years of age or a vulnerable adult allocation of roles and responsibilities
•    Third-party providers
•    Safety policy and risk analysis management system
•    Legal Framework, contractual and insurance information
•    Venture pre-booking information
•    Training, induction and communication
•    Joining instructions, during trip processes
•    Travel, Accommodation, Environment and equipment
•    Medical planning, Environment related illnesses, First Aid Kits
•    Security, contingency planning
•    Incident and emergency plan
•    Evaluation

When choosing Snowland Journeys for any event or trek whether it be in the UK or overseas, you can feel confident that we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, safety and customer care.


Standards and Regulations

British Standard 8848
Snowland Journeys is British Standard 8848 compliant.

Adventurous activities undertaken without the appropriate training experience can be high-risk and dangerous, possibly resulting in injury, illness or death. It is essential for organizers to apply the principles of good management to ensure risks are managed.
What is BS 8848?
BS 8848 pulls together expertise and good practice into a national standard for the safe management of overseas ventures. BS 8848 provides a specification for organizing and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom.
BS 8848 covers the preparation and execution of adventurous activities abroad so that the level of risk included is reasonable and acceptable. It will prepare participants for the risks involved, and the actions and behaviour required to keep risks down to acceptable levels.

This British Standard sets out requirements for the operational management, including safety, of all ventures outside the United Kingdom. The objective is to set out in clear, unambiguous language the actions and associated responsibilities essential to the provision of a risk-based safety management system for adventurous activities. In so doing it seeks to make available to those intending to provide such ventures a means of organising their activities in accordance with currently accepted good practice in a manner that makes it possible objectively to verify compliance.

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