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From March 2020 until now has been an incredibly tough time fundraising for charities and Snowland Journeys is no exception.  Which makes Sir Captain Tom’s drive to keep moving in motivation even more remarkable. 


Captain Tom reached for the sky and touched the moon, smashing his £1000 goal as he walked 100 lengths of his garden, going on to raise £38 million! 


In honour of this amazing feat we are asking people to join snowland journeys and take on their own Captain Tom 100 charity challenge. 

Whether it's completing 100 sit ups (tough!), smiling 100 times (happy!), scoring 100 goals (scoooorrreee!) or baking 100 cakes (yummy!), it's up to you.


The challenge takes place between 30th April and 2nd May, and you can do 100 of whatever you want to raise money.


Your Captain Tom 100 will help ensure Himalayan children maintain contact with their families, communities and culture alongside their right to education, and will ensure the children are physically and emotionally equipped to make the long journey home to reintegrate with parents.


Decide what your 100 will be, then set yourself up by clicking 'sign up' or simply share this link with your supporters, and let's smash this challenge!


For ideas  to inspire your 100 have a look at our challenge and ideas on this page.


If you would simply like to take part through a donation please follow the link and donate directly to us.


Take part by giving a donation of your choice to Snowland Journeys

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Cap Tom 100



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Walk, Run, Cycle, Swim  for Snowland Journeys

We have created a specially adapted "Vrekking challenge” for Captain Tom 100 on our virtual trekking platform.

Our virtual treks follow routes laid down by the homeward bound returning children that we support at Snowland Journeys. The routes can be as long as 250km and take the children up to 28 days to complete.

In this challenge, you can walk, run, cycle or swim for 100 minutes around Phoksundo lake on our specially designed Virtual Trekking route and see how far you get.


Simply click the link below to start, set up your fundraising details and share with your family, friends and supporters. 

You can use Strava to connect your challenge which makes it easy to keep your supporters updated on your progress.

Adventure Meets Social Value

Vrekking acts to create a place where our community can return to self-exploration, self-discovery, and share a journey with other like-minded individuals. We hope you enjoy the challenge.

Explore Vrekking

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We have created an activity sheet of other ideas you may like to take part in.


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We are a non profit organisation. Find out more about our reintegration program and where your fundraising goes.


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Join us in the Captain Tom 100 and start your fundraising campaign now.

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