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Am I suited to small group travel?

We recognise that many of our travellers have not been on a ‘group trip’ before. You can rest assured that our trips are flexible and allow you to do your thing within the framework of the itinerary. We do not attempt to instil a ‘group ethos’ and fully recognise your needs as an individual. Our maximum group size on most trips is 10 – an ideal size to ensure minimum impact travel to the areas in which we operate.

What happens when I arrive in Nepal?

When you arrive in Nepal you’ll be met by a team representative who’ll direct you to the group transportation. You will then travel with your fellow trekkers to the meet up hotel which is in the capital city, Kathmandu. You will overnight in this hotel for a little R&R and have the opportunity to meet with the Snowland Team and fellow trekkers. The itinerary as detailed in your joining pack begins following breakfast at the hotel.

How fit do I need to be?

The very nature of the Snowland Journeys expeditions means a certain level of fitness is required, dependent on the trip you have chosen to join. Our challenges can sometimes be fairly demanding so getting fit is part of the pre departure training. Fitness Training notes will be made available upon request and we recommend you spend three months or more before your trip getting fit and building up stamina. You do not need to be an Olympic athlete but the more prepared you are the more you will enjoy the trek, especially when altitude is involved. Only you can judge how fit you are and what you are capable of achieving so be sensible but adventurous. Set yourself realistic goals, but remember that the more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy the expedition.

What level of comfort can I expect?

We mainly travel to areas off the beaten track, however on all our trekking expeditions we camp in relative style and comfort, using the best equipment. All your gear is carried (except where specified) and meals are cooked for you while our staff prepare the camp. On our journeys our expedition leader and staff take care of your day to day needs while you stay in tents or sometimes local hotels and travel in fairly comfortable private vehicles on the roads.  

What provision can I expect in the case of injury or illness during the event?

A full medical team will be on hand throughout the trek. They will be regularly monitoring your progress, treating minor ailments such as foot injuries and ensuring you stay fit and healthy throughout the expedition. In extreme cases of injury, however unlikely, we have an evacuation procedure and access to good medical facilities in Kathmandu.

How safe is it?

On all our trips your well-being is our first priority. Our staff constantly review every aspect of your adventure and our expert guides are fully conversant with the demands of traveling in remote regions.


What sort of people typically take part in this type of trek?

Everyone and anyone! Different people come for different reasons and you can expect to meet people of both sexes, all ages and greatly varying ability. You don’t need to be an elite athlete for these types of treks but you will need piles of determination and a thirst for challenge and adventure.

Where do we stay?

To capture the essence of your journey we have wherever possible selected accommodation with local character. In the cities our hotel rooms are on a twin share basis with private facilities. In remote localities you can expect simple, clean but more basic facilities. When in the field we provide the best possible camping service complete with comfortable two person tents, a mess tent and toilet tent.  This is camping and not 'glamping' but you will be enjoying the great outdoors and getting away from it all.


What conditions should I expect?

Most of the districts we operate in are less developed than the UK and are some of the poorest communities in the world. Internal infrastructure is often limited; roads are rough and facilities basic. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene (that a wilderness environment permits), but if you’re after a five-star holiday, forget this type of adventure. If, however, you are seeking an adrenaline-filled challenging adventure, and relatively active, then Snowland Journeys has plenty to offer you.  Remember that you are helping young people to reunite with their families and they live in remote areas.  Most people find that experiencing their culture and hospitality is very rewarding and worth sacrificing luxury.


I’m participating in the trek to raise funds for the Snowland children, how do I convince sponsors that it’s not a holiday?

None of these treks could be considered to be a holiday. You will need to spend months training and fundraising, before undertaking a demanding physical challenge. All three of these elements take time effort and commitment. You will be training for many months to get fit, raising thousands of pounds for charity, and then undertaking a physically demanding challenge.

Participating in a Snowland Journeys expedition starts long before you depart. It takes time, effort, dedication and commitment and is far from just a holiday.

What is included in my trip?

It is our aim to ensure that we incorporate as many inclusions as possible in your trip to minimise any out of pocket expenses while you are away. It is important that you refer to our trips notes for the exact inclusions.

Are there any hidden extras or surcharges?

All in-country transport, most meals, accommodation and much of the equipment you will need for your adventure are included. Once you leave home there is little to spend, except pocket money for things like local crafts or drinks. 

What food will there be?

Food will be supplied by the trek organisers from the day we leave our first hotel. Whilst on expedition, three meals will be cooked for you each day by our team of experienced chefs who use locally sourced food while at the same time ensuring high standards of hygiene. On days where it is not possible to have a cook team during the trek a packed lunch will be made available. On all our trips your good health is our highest priority. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. You will not go hungry and may find you may come away from the trek slightly heavier than you would expect!!

Will water be provided?

There will be plenty of water. Water will be issued in 1 or 2L bottles and your initial daily allowance will be 8ltrs. You will be replenished each morning, lunch and evening as well as at the lunch stops on days trek. There will be extra water should you need it – don’t allow yourself to dehydrate! Do not share water from opened bottles from which you have been drinking with others – this is how problems spread. Unless in a dire emergency, do not drink water from other sources.

How can I make a booking?

Start by contacting us to register your interest and we will send you a booking form by email.

When completed, email it back to us, together with your deposit. We will confirm your booking and forward comprehensive trip departure details and other information regarding visas, vaccinations, personal clothing, equipment and the like, to ensure you are fully prepared for your adventure.

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