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Blaze a trail on an adventure to some of the most remote inhabited places on the planet.  You’ll become a real-life explorer, the first team of Snowlanders to discover Dolpo and immerse yourself in village culture.




This groundbreaking and meaningful expedition offers intrepid trekkers the chance to raise vital funds to enable young people to be reunited with their parents after
12 years being educated away from home.


L O W E R   D O L P O   E X P E D I T I O N


Duration: 25 nights
Arrive in Kathmandu: 14th May 2022
Depart KTM for Trek: 16th May 2022
Return Flights: 8th June
Fitness Level: Medium


This trek takes you to Kingdom of Lower Dolpo, home of Phoksundo National Park and the world’s last enclave of unchanged Tibetan culture. You will be trekking through Phoksundo National Park, crossing one snow-capped mountain pass at an altitude over 5,000 metres, visiting remote villages and a monastery on the shores of Phoksundo Lake.



26 Day Trekking Brochure Lower Dolpo

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