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A gift that could really make a long-lasting difference with all proceeds going towards supporting our projects in Nepal. 


A small amount of money can make a massive difference to the lives of the young people and communities we support


£5 educates, houses & feeds a child for a day.


£10 pays for a day session for a child to gain life skills and get to know the outdoors.


£15 pays for one pre-journey support session to prepare a child emotionally and physically to return home.


£20 pays a guide for a day on the journey home reuniting young people with their families.


£50 buys a warm jacket and trekking boots for a young person to wear on their journey home to family in the mountains.


£100 educates, houses and feeds a child for a month.

Gift Card

  • A Surprise gift to make your friends and family feel good.


    You will receive a digital gift card suitable for home printing.


    100% of the donation from the sale of a gift card will go direct to supporting our projects in Nepal. 

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